About Us

About Us

The Company

Helping businesses succeed through the right background for their stories.

We are a young lab from Bologna that loves to create suitable backgrounds to tell endless stories. We print soft vinyl backgrounds starting from our high quality photos of material backdrops. We know well that every story needs the right setting and we create hyper-realistic ones, even tailor-made and customized.

Our History

Digitalcolorslab was born in 2019 in Bologna on the intuition of Emanuele Saracino. Founder and CEO of Texturit.com, (company specializing in 3D material backdrops). Emanuele realizing the need for a photographer to have backdrops that are more manageable than wooden panels, has committed himself to offering companies and photographers quality photographic backdrops that are easier to transport and manage, so that they can be used outdoors at his customers’ premises.


Digitalcolorslab wallpapers are soft, flexible and easy to transport to have your own studio wherever you want

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For all your curiosities and requests you can contact us at info@digitalcolorslab.com